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Mountain Home Access

Boise State at Mountain Home Access


Mountain Home is a military installation, which requires Boise State employees and students submit to a security check before being granted access to the base.

Non-Military students attending classes at Mountain Home Air Force Base must submit to a background check before being allowed access to the base.
Background Check Forms must be submitted for each semester you are attending classes on base.

Please submit your Mountain Home access form at least two weeks prior to the start of class.

  1. Please contact our Mountain Home Coordinator at (208) 426-3499 or by email at
  2. Once your background check is complete, and you have been contacted by the coordinator, stop by the visitor center at the main gate of Mountain Home AFB between the hours of 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. to receive a base pass. The pass will be valid throughout the semester and students will not be allowed to attend class without it.

This procedure must be completed each semester you attend class on the Mountain Home Air Force Base.