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Micron Access

Micron Boise State

How to access Boise State classes at Micron Technology

Micron Technology is located at 8000 S. Federal Way, in Boise, Idaho. The site is off of Federal Way and Technology Way in southeast Boise, and east of the Boise airport. All Boise State classes are held in Building 17. Boise State students must use Technology Way and enter via Gate D, East Entrance.

View or download a map (PDF) that shows students where to park on the Micron site.


Access to Micron Technology

All non-Micron employees attending classes at the Micron site will need to complete a Background Check Form (downloadable from the link below) to obtain permission to be allowed on the Micron corporate site. This should be done upon registration for classes each semester.

You will not be allowed on-site without the background form being previously submitted and approved. You will not be allowed on site if you come to class the first day without being registered in the Micron class.

Download a Micron Background Check Form (PDF) and follow the submission instructions.

Guidelines For Students Attending Classes At Micron

  • Students must bring a driver’s license (or some type of photo ID) every time they go to class. Without proper ID, they will not be allowed on-site to attend that day’s class. When arriving at Micron, they must show their ID; they will be given a student badge by Security. They must return the badge to Security after each class.
  • Students are required to wear business casual attire. No shorts, ripped jeans, sweatpants, or flip flops will be allowed. If there are questions about the dress requirements, please contact Micron at (208) 368-3149.
  • Students will be given a tour of the allowed areas on the first day of class. Students must stay in the designated classroom, cafeteria and break areas.