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Boise State Center at the College of Western Idaho

Boise State Center at the College of Western IdahoI in Nampa

Earn your Boise State degree in Nampa.

Convenient location, flexible class offerings, and expert support services mean more you time. The Boise State Center at the College of Western Idaho (CWI) has been in Nampa since 2014 to help you complete your Bachelor’s Degree with classes that meet in the evenings and over the weekends on the campus of the College of Western Idaho.

The Boise State Center at CWI offers:

  • A Dedicated Advisor on the College of Western Idaho Campus
  • Boise State courses offered in the evenings and supplemented by online options
  • Personalized transfer assistance to Boise State University

Learn more about Boise State Flex at the College of Western Idaho.


Video created by one of our own Boise State Center at CWI students, Jessica Argyle.

Video Transcript of Boise State Center at CWI Video


Chad: Hi, I’m Chad. I’m a communication major at Boise State University. I’m a father of three. I’m a spouse. I’m an adventurist. A family guy. I’m your everyday Joe.
Myles: My name is Myles. I attend Boise State University. I’m a communication major, and I’m a senior. Well, almost. I work full-time, 40-50 hours a week. I’m married, and I enjoy watching sports especially, Boise State.

Julie: My name is Julie. I’m a history major at Boise State University. I’m 48 years old, mother of five ages 28 to 10. Just a regular person and a mom and a grandma.

Kayden: I’m Kayden, and I’m a student at Boise State University. I’m a wife. I like to hang out a home with my husband and walk my dogs. Haha.

Michelle: My name is Michelle Bennet. I teach communication at Boise State University. My favorite part about being an instructor is the students. I absolutely love the students. I have found that it is a great experience to provide students with the opportunity to take classes where it’s most convenient for them.

Myles: Working full-time and being a nontraditional student it’s hard to find classes that fit with my schedule because I can’t really leave work during the day and so this has kind of been really helpful as far as being able to get my classes in and get the credits I need.

Kayden: I love it. It is perfect parking. The traffic is always really good. It is a faster way for me to get home.

Steve: Hi, my name is Steve Kipp. I’m an adjunct professor here at Boise State University. The things that I love about teaching off campus, such as here in the Nampa location, is you get such a diversity of students. I think that there is a tremendous commitment, um, when you’re dealing with working adults. Generally, they are people that, um, trying to balance a level of dedication and a level of commitment is incredibly focused.

Julie: The hardest thing is finding time. Ha. When you’re, when you have a family it’s hard to make time for homework and school and still spend time with them.

Michelle: It’s really exciting to see people pursuing their bachelor’s degree. You get to know students and watch their lives unfold and it’s very rewarding. I love it.

Chad: Keep going and do it for yourself.

Myles: If you have any questions about coming out here at night, um, you shouldn’t.

Julie: Start slow.

Kayden: Just do it; there’s no reason not to.

Myles: It’s a great time, great people, lots of fun.


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